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  • I have seen fire rated wood used in commercial structures, but not residential. Why is that?
    • Fire rated wood has been used for a number of years in commercial structures where required by building codes and the trend toward using fire rated framing materials in residential construction is just now underway. Within a few years most residential construction will use fire rated framing materials.
  • What are the concerns about using a treated wood product indoors?
    • Our products are certified for Low VOC emissions and are safe to use indoors, including sensitive areas such as classrooms and medical facilities.
  • Why is it important to select UL® Classified products for fire rated construction?
    • Pyro-Guard® fire rated products have passed the critical testing and continuing quality control necessary to be UL® Classified. This is your assurance of product performance.
  • Are there special job site considerations for fire rated wood?
    • Fire rated lumber and plywood works and installs exactly the same as untreated wood products using standard nails and fasteners.