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May, 2019
OSA, in cooperation with Hoover Treated Wood Products and the Protected Wood dealer network launch a campaign to introduce Pyro-Guard®  protected wood products for interior applications in residential and small commercial projects. The mission of Protected Wood is to make fire rated lumber and plywood widely available at competitive prices so that every home and commercial construction project has the opportunity to purchase fire rated wood products.

The Protected Wood campaign includes:

  • Product presentations to architects, building code officials, and local inspectors.
  • Media advertising
  • Participate in home shows and similar events
  • Literature sent to new building projects as discovered
  • Dealer staff training
  • Literature and banners for dealer stores

August, 2018
OSA begins production of Pyro-Guard® fire rated wood under license from Hoover Treated Wood Products, Inc. Pyro-Guard® is UL® Classified fire protection plus resists damage by insects and decay for interior applications. Products produced include both pine and spruce dimension lumber along with plywood. We can produce special cut beams and pattern lumber for fire rated applications.